Past Life Regression for You

Regression techniques gently lead you into a deeper form of hypnosis, guiding you, via your subconscious, backwards in ‘3D linear’ time so to speak. Age regression is a session which takes you into an earlier part of this life. Whilst a past life regression session helps you explore and access previous incarnations. These regression sessions last up to 2 hours.

Past Life Session

You can experience previous life times, either because you are simply curious or maybe you are wanting to gain insight in order to resolve the root cause of an issue.

If you are wanting to resolve an issue, your subconscious is directed to lead you to the past life time where that issue first manifested.

To make a deeper change, past life regression can help access the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind guides you to where you need to go.

People find issues, like fears, phobias etc. may lessen or resolve through these sessions. Even people who are just curious gain insight and wisdom.

Age Regression

Visit your past in this life time to the initial point of pain around an issue you want to work with.

Age regression can be used to access the subconscious mind to resolve issues at a deeper level than suggestion therapy can. These deeper levels can create very personalised and transformational experiences.

As a soul path regressionist I help facilitate you and your subconscious to access the in-between for insight. Sara

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