Energy Experience Session

Your own personalised energy experience transmission during an interactive co-creative session via Zoom in the comfort of your surroundings. Connecting to the divine universal energy to bring it through healing, balancing, and re-energising as guided for your highest outcome. Each session is unique to you in the moment. 

During the session, it’s best to relax into your heart centre. Simply be open to what you notice, feel, and be without expectation of outcome. Sometimes we think we know what we want, yet the universal energy may have something greater planned. Be open to receive for your highest outcome. 

The divine universal energy knows what you best for you to receive for your highest outcome at the moment in time, rather than what you or I may think is best for you during the session, because we can only see from our human perspective.

This is why I connect to the divine universal energy and to you and work so we can co-create a unique energy session for you in that moment.

I’ve been developing my energy healing skills over the last 15 years. Along my own soul journey, I’ve trained in many energy healing techniques, including Bio-field Energy, Reiki (Master Teacher in Usui & Crystals), Shamanic, iPhoenix & The Reconnection. As well as crystals and flower energies.

I love working with the highest available energies for clients, which is why I’m constantly refining, evolving, and fine tuning my energy skills.

Shifting Energies

Currently, humanity is in transformative times. We are experiencing shifting energies as we transition into a 5d vibratory existence. Our energies can ebb and flow during these dynamic energetics. The more sensitive to energy we are, the more we feel. This is when we can feel we need an energy boost and choose to book an energy session.

Starseeds, indigos, and lightworkers can be extra sensitive to these energy shifts, experiencing the sensations either physically, mentally or emotionally, or picking up other peoples or planetary energies. It’s helpful to keep a daily energy cleansing routine for your surroundings and bio energy field.

I’m currently working on exciting energy offer. Stay tuned for updates on our instagram or facebook page or bookmark this site,

In the meantime, trust your heart and your gut!

Blessings & divine light xxx

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